HL7 User Group Switzerland

HL7 primarily provides specifications for medical data and information that can be transported using various communication protocols. The HL7 User Group Switzerland, the Swiss national organization of the HL7 community, was founded in 2000. ahdis actively supports HL7 International through attendance of workshop meetings and by providing the Technical Manager for the HL7 Swiss User Group.

IHE Suisse
IHE International

IHE Suisse & IHE International

IHE is an international initiative to improve the technical data exchange and interoperability of IT systems in the healthcare sector. IHE Suisse, the Swiss national organization of the international IHE initiative, was founded in 2010. ahdis is actively involved in the IHE International ITI Tech Committee and attends the annual Connectathons in a supervisory position.



ALIS-Connect is a working group, which has set its aim to make pragmatic, fast and efficient contributions to interoperability as well as to continuously digitalised processes. From existing standards and from the combined experience of all participants, tools for required solutions can be provided within a short time. ALIS-Connect, the working group of Swiss software vendors and service providers, was founded in 2002. ahdis supports the operation of the ALIS head office and the maintenance of the service interface.



The Association of Swiss Specialist Houses for Medical Informatics encourages the use of norms and quality standards. The VSFM developed two products to harmonise the standardization of data exchange. As a result, medical data has become exchangeable across different systems. The VSFM was founded in 2009. ahdis is a member of the Association of Swiss Specialist Houses for Medical Informatics.

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